Opportunities to Explore

Effective Altruism Switzerland is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting people in the planning and pursuit of careers that benefit not only themselves, but the world around them as well. 

EA Switzerland is currently looking for a Program Director and invites any interested Phiers to apply!

Follow this link to find out more!

ForHumanity is a volunteer organisation that aims to develop a crowd sourced independent audit of AI systems in order to mitigate the risks that autonomous technologies pose to society! They are always on the lookout for contributors and represent a unique opportunity to get involved in the burgeoning field of AI Ethics!

WANBAM is a non-profit organisation that connects and supports women, non-binary, and transgender individuals seeking career guidance and advice. They have recently opened their mentee applications for 2021, presenting an ideal opportunity for individuals early in their careers who would benefit from some guidance or advice, especially when it comes to imposter syndrome or being a woman/non-binary individual in typically male-dominated fields.

  • McKenna Fitzgerald, who spoke at Let’s Phi’s last Conference is a Mentor at WANBAM and has made herself available to answer any questions you may have about mentorship or menteeship.
  •                                                                                Feel free to contact McKenna
  •                                                                                                            OR
  •                                             Visit WANBAM to find out more about becoming a mentee!

Considering a career in entrepreneurship? Y-Combinator’s Startup School is a global community of founders that provides a free online program walking you through how to become your own boss! Meet with other founders, keep track of your progress, and gain access to a network of deals that will help you fund your company!

Visit Y-Combinator’s Startup Accelerator to find out more!