Let's Phi Mentors

Zhongzheng Che


Hi, my name is Zhongzheng and I'm from China. I graduated from the University of Birmingham's programme MA philosophy of mind and cognitive science in 2020. I'd love to offer advice on my best knowledge.

Charlotte Tomlinson


Hi! My name is Charlotte Tomlinson, and I’m a third year BA Philosophy student at the University of Birmingham! I can offer extensive support when it comes to structuring essays and editing for relevance and clarity.

Konrad Urban

CEO @ Knit

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Sukanya Shukla


I completed my undergraduate in Physics in 2019. After which, I went on to pursue my postgraduate in Philosophy of Science from London School of Economics. I am interested in scientific modelling, feminist philosophy of science and philosophy of physics.

Sherwette Saleheen

MA Philosophy of Political Science

I am finishing a double major MA degree in Philosophy of Political Science, with a specialisation in Justice and Political Legitimacy. I enjoy everything philosophy, but to be more specific I'm a Nietzschean at heart. Before starting my MA, I worked in Digital Marketing and Social Media, as well as in Public Relations and Communications. As you can see I have straddled the borders of the capitalist world of corporations and the more meaningful bubble of wisdom. So, hit me up if I can be of help.

Volha Litvinets

PhD Candidate

PhD candidate, Sorbonne University, Research on AI Ethics.

John Collett

Academic Systems Advisor

I am a Philosophy and Cognitive Science graduate who has worked in a number of different fields and roles. I'm also in the processes of finding a job so can empathise with others who are looking. I have the benefit of having lots of experience in job hunting and tailoring cv's and preparing answers for interviews while working on how awesome and useful a philosophy background is. I can also offer advice on networking and reaching out to people. Lastly, I have Dyslexia and am happy to talk with anyone else who has it or a similar learning difficulty who maybe has questions or concerns about entering the working world with it.

Alessandra Fassio

Programme Administrator/Ethics Advisor Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF

I am a keen philosopher, holding my MA (Hons) in Philosophy (2018) and MSc in Mind, Language and Embodied Cognition (2019) from the University of Edinburgh. I'm currently in my first graduate role and (amongst other things) helped to design and implement the ethical assessment for the Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF. I am interested in data/tech/AI ethics as well as how to practically embed ethics across sectors.