What is Let's Phi?

Let’s Phi is a global community of volunteers dedicated to helping philosophers unleash their potential and use their skills in careers outside academia.

How do we Phi?

  • Conferences

    Several times a year Phiers come together from near and far for the Let's Phi Conference!

  • Community Events

    Let’s Phi runs regular talks workshops, and other events, all the while providing networking opportunities galore!

  • Mentors

    Check out the Mentor Registry and strike up a conversation! Our Mentors are happy to take you under their wing!

  • The 24/7 Phi-Bar

    The Phi-Bar is a virtual meeting place open 24/7 allowing Phiers to meet, network, and discuss! Drop by the bar for a pre-arranged meeting with a fellow Phier or Mentor, or just pop by every once in a while and strike up a conversation!

Still not Sure?

  • Inspiration

    Get inspired by hearing from individuals who have made the transition out of academia!

  • Market Yourself

    Find out how to showcase your philosophy skills to employers!

  • Join the Community!

    Join a thriving community and network with your fellow Phiers!