Philosophy in the AI Industry: A Panel Discussion

When: 09.05.2021 @ 18:00-19:30 CET

Where: Online event

What: How can ethicists effect change in the industry? What are some different fields in the AI industry currently calling for philosophers/ethicists? What are general attitudes toward AI ethics in the industry? 

Join Gwyn Glasser, Phier and student of philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, as he leads the Let's Phi community in a discussion with panelists Tom Preece and Darian Raad from Peak AI, a Tech startup specialising in helping businesses unlock the power of their data. Seize this opportunity to pick the brains of these industry professionals about the value that philosophers might add to the field of AI!

The event will kick off with a panel discussion and will be followed by an open Q&A session where Phiers can ask the panelists questions, and where the panelists will also get the opportunity to ask Phiers questions! As always, we will then move into an open ended networking session in the Phi-Bar where you will be able to exchange ideas, projects, and opportunities as well as get to know your fellow Phiers!