Philosophy, Communications, and Economic Survival

When: POSTPONED to 29.04.2021 @ 17:00-18:30 CET

Where: Online event

What: The fundamentals of philosophy have always been about understanding how to live a better life, but "better" gets complicated when you throw careerism, commerce, and capital into the mix. And as the world now begins to emerge from a historical pandemic, further accelerating trends in everything from income inequality to the disappearance of political democracy, how can today's emerging philosophers build a better and more resilient life (and still earn enough to survive) without sacrificing the central meaning of philosophy in their everyday lives? 

In this special session, Benjamin van Loon—a new Let's Phi mentor, writer, college professor, communications executive for an international trade association, and former student of philosophy—will talk about how philosophy has helped him find his way in the professional world since graduating at the peak of the Great Financial Crisis in 2009. From bike shops and catering gigs to publishing and public relations, van Loon will discuss how philosophy has formed the framework for an unorthodox career in communications, including a tenure for one of the world's most influential design firms, and ultimately generated the means for economic survival in the age of late capitalism.

As always, the event will be followed by a Q&A and networking session where you can ask Ben questions and get to know your fellow Phiers!