High-Impact Mentoring: successes and challenges in setting up a global mentorship network

Where: Online Event on letsphi.com

When: 29.07.2021 @ 18:00 CET (17:00 BST)


Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn started her career in international development and human rights public interest litigation. Three years ago, she became involved in Effective Altruism. This culminated in her running the UK operations of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). She then worked as the Curriculum Developer and Philanthropic Educator for The Life You Can Save where she focused upon the Giving Games Project. She founded WANBAM with the aim of inspiring and supporting women, trans people of any gender, and non-binary people to pursue high-impact career paths. Since late 2019, WANBAM has grown to a global network, represented in every inhabited continent.

As always, the event will be followed up with a networking session where you can get to know your fellow Phiers!