An AI Ethics Workshop: The Importance of Philosophy for Shaping the Future of AI

When: 01.04.2021 @ 18:00-20:00 CET

Where: Online event

What: Join Matthew James Bailey, author of Inventing World 3.0 and founder of AIEthics.World, as he leads the Let’s Phi community in an interactive discussion on the major normative questions in AI Ethics and how Philosophers are uniquely positioned to address them. What kinds of philosophical questions is the AI Ethics industry currently contending with? Can/should we embed philosophical principles into the digital mindset of AI? If so, what are the adavantages? What roles and careers will philosophers have in AI and AI Ethics? 

The workshop will kick off with an introduction talk by Matthew followed by several rounds of breakout room discussions in the Phi-Bar. Matthew will then wrap up the event with a Q&A session before we all move back to the Phi-Bar for open networking!