The Phi-Bar is a virtual meeting place open 24/7 allowing Phiers to meet, network, and discuss!

Drop by the bar for a pre-arranged meeting with a fellow Phier, or just pop by every once in a while and strike up a conversation! 

Pull up a seat at the Phi-Bar!

Meet with each other in the circles for multi-Phier chats, exchange contact information in the chatbox, or head up on stage in the main parlour and present your ideas!

The Phi-Bar presents the unique opportunity to meet new people, hear about new opportunities, and mingle with fellow Phiers in a dynamic virtual bar setting!

You may have to bring your own beverage, but it’s open 24/7!

Click HERE to find out more about how the Phi-Bar platform works

Having technical difficulties?

Make sure you are using Google Chrome.

What platform is the Phi-Bar running on?

– The Phi-Bar is powered by Knit. Find out more here.

What can I use the Phi-Bar for?

– Pre-arranged and spontaneous networking!

– Discuss ideas, projects, and opportunities with colleagues!

– Hold Presentations!

– The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!